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Why Become a Member?


Regular massage can play an important part in a healthy life style.  Massage has long been considered a luxury, just for relaxation, but there's so much more.  Reducing stress, muscle tension, pain management, anxiety, blood circulation are just a few things that regular massage can help with.  

Becoming a member with Netty's you will also give you membership benefits.  Such as 30% off all gift certificate purchases.  Not to mention the savings on your regular massage packages.  

Simply give us a call and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

So what are you waiting for become a member with Netty's today.  Your body will thank you.  



Receive one of our signature Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage for only $35 per month.  

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Get any one of our 50 min massages for only $50 per month.  You can choose one of our Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone massage every month.  That's a savings of $10 to $40, depending on the massage of your choice.  

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Maybe you need more than one massage per month.  Get two monthly 50 min massages for the low price of $100 per month.  You can choose your two massages from our Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Hot Stone.  This is a savings of $20 to $80 per month depending on your choice of massages. 

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Enjoy three of your premium massage packages per month, the Deluxe or the Refurb.  This is priced at $200 per month.  Thats a savings of $100 to 115 per month.  

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