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About Us

At Netty's, we believe that preventative and restorative care should no longer be considered a luxury.  Massage therapy and body work modalities may relieve stress, insomnia, pain and hypertension, as well as lift depression and anxiety.
Experience approachability, affordability and accessibility, while enhancing overall health and well being.

What Is Your knead?



Let the long gliding strokes of a Swedish Massage take you beyond relaxation.  


Deep Tissue

Maybe you need deeper work.  Deep tissue utilizes slow firm stokes and pressure to release tension deep within the muscles.


Synergy Hot Stone

Lay back and let the Synergy stones warm up your muscles as you slip away.



Discomforts of pregnancy got ya down?  This massage can help relieve some of these. 


Back, Neck and Shoulders

Don't need a full body massage?  Let us focus on the areas where you keep your tension.


Sinus & Tension Headaches

Sinusitis or tension headaches got ya down?  This massage can help relieve some of the pressure.  


Foot Massage & Scrub

Prop your feet up and relax as this therapy stimulates the muscles, reduces tension and may ease that pain in your feet.  

Hand Massage

Hand Massage

Sit back and relax to this amazing massage.  As you feel the tension in your hands drift away.   

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We love our customers and would love to hear from you.  Feel free to give us a call, send us a text or drop us a message on the website. We look forward to seeing you soon.  

Netty's Massage & Body Work

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